Kim Jacobs is the author of numerous works of fiction and non-fiction. She writes non-fiction as Kim Jacobs, and has written fiction under various pen names over the past 25 years, currently writing mostly as Maddie James.

Kim has possessed a creative spirit since she was a young girl growing up in Ohio Heartland, where she liked to draw horses and read about girls who lived on ranches, and where she learned to sew and took piano lessons. She took every art course in her high school but eventually studied Home Economics in college, earning a Bachelor of Science in Vocational Education, followed by a Master of Science in Education, and additional credentials in Early Childhood Education.

She worked for 20 years in public school systems before moving into non-profit education work. There, she directed education programs and headed up the professional development and publishing wings of the organization for another 20 years. Along the way, she honed her writing style and found her voice with the written word, whether the piece was non-fiction or fiction.

For nearly six years (while also working a full-time job) she owned a small publishing company, Turquoise Morning Press, that focused on genre fiction, and worked with approximately 80 authors to jump start their careers. Many of these authors have gone on to become USA Today, award-winning, and national bestselling, multi-published authors.

Kim has written academic books, chapters, articles, and curricula. At the time of this writing, she has published 50+ works of fiction, from short stories to novels. Her current works-in-progress include a book on writing, book 4 in a time travel series, 2 western romance novels, a paranormal YA series, and well, more.... (Ideas and finding stories are not a problem.)

At her core, Kim is a writer, artist, teacher, and mentor.

Jacobs Ink, LLC is a small independent business focused on publishing and educational initiatives. Owned by creative professional Kim Jacobs, this sole proprietorship thrives in the creative industries of writing, publishing, consulting, and education. The core of the business is writing (fiction and non-fiction, blogging, and other business writing), publishing (support, consultation, and mentorship), educational workshops (craft, industry), and graphic design (book covers, etc.),

Jacobs Ink, LLC is a DBA of its parent company Turquoise Morning, LLC.