Education Consulting/Grant Writing

Education Consultant

Please refer to my professional credentials located here to learn more about my background in education. My experience is in public school and non-profit educational worlds. I've worked with and managed/directed local district programs and federal educational projects that have spanned the scope of the United States.

My content knowledge areas of expertise fall into the following categories:
  • Home Economics/Family & Consumer Education: foods and nutrition, home management, clothing design and construction, interior design/decorating, consumer education, family studies, and child development.
  • Early childhood education and care (birth through age five years) 
  • Early language and literacy development (birth through age five years)
  • Family engagement to support children's academic success
  • Family Literacy programming
  • Parent education and parent-child interaction
  • Teen parent programs
  • American Indian early childhood, family literacy, and family engagement programs
  • Non-profit program management, professional development, technical assistance

My technical services include:
  • Grant and proposal writing for small and large projects
  • Short-term project development/management
  • Workshops and professional development
  • On-site consulting and technical assistance
  • Curriculum Development

Grant and Proposal Writing

I have experience writing successful federal grants for educational programs, such as Carl Perkins Vocational Education, US Department of Education (ED), and Bureau of Indian Education (BIE). 

I am particularly interested in writing grants to support early childhood, early language and literacy, family engagement, and American Indian programs. I've led or participated with grant writing teams for successfully executed and awarded national and federal programming, including the ED funded Demonstration Grants for Indian Children, Native Youth Community Project grants, Statewide Family Engagement Center grants, and the Family and Child Education project (BIE funded).

I have worked collaboratively with colleagues to create top-notch funding proposals for local entities such as Jefferson County (KY) Public SchoolsBroward Co (FL) Public Schools, and nationally for the YMCA-USA, as well as others.

I can lead the grant writing process with your school team, collaborate with you to write parts of the proposal, or research and write the entire proposal with input from your team.

Contact me at to discuss or for more information.